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CrossFit is not only a comprehensive fitness program; it is also a way of life. By designing a program that is broad, general and inclusive, we are able to train anyone for virtually anything life can throw at them. We specialize in not specializing. Self defense, many sports and life in general reward this kind of general physical preparedness and, on average, punish the specialist.

So to that mantra, we seek to increase work capacity over broad time and modal domains by using a system that incorporates constantly varied functional movements performed at relative intensity. CrossFit is unique in its application to individuals. The needs of athletes differ by degree, not kind. An elderly person with arthritis can be trained in the same program as a high school athlete. The key to it all is scaling load and intensity.


Randall Homan, Owner/Head Coach, CF-L2, ISSA Cert Personal Trainier
A Chopper CrossFit founding partner, Randall brings his love of research, coaching, and personal improvement to Chopper CrossFit. Randall has competed in multiple CrossFit competitions, the most recent of which was the Wyoming Open in August of 2014. Randall brings experience to Chopper CrossFit from his time coaching at Kandahar CrossFit and Vulture CrossFit while on deployment in Afghanistan. He is also an ISSA certified Personal Trainer and loves all aspects of a fit life.  

Norma Homan, Owner/Assistant Coach
Founding member, and President of Chopper CrossFit Inc., Norma brings her own story to Chopper CrossFit. Norma was a Cross Country runner in high school. Through the years she was away from Worland, she continued to run to stay fit. Norma found CrossFit in late 2013 and has been hooked ever since. During that time, she has grown in strength and knowledge. Now she is bringing that to her coaching here at Chopper CrossFit.

Chopper CrossFit is located at 1214 South Flat Rd. in Worland, WY. With all new equipment and plenty of room to move, success in your own fitness journey can be a reality at Chopper CrossFit. Schedule an appointment today to get started!