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Group Classes
Group classes are held Monday through Friday at 5:15 am, 4 pm and 5:30 pm.  Sign up here or click the red button at the top of the page for your FREE WEEK and start your own fitness journey with Chopper CrossFit. See you at the gym!!!!

$90/month Unlimited Classes
$60/month Student Unlimited
$50/month 2 Classes per week

$100 Ten Class Punch Card

Personal Training

Personal training and private group training is the best and most individualized route to achieve your fitness goals.  Our ISSA Certified Personal Trainers have the credentials and experience needed to tailor a program to suit your individual needs and goals.  Want to run a marathon? We got you.  Want to compete in any number of fitness or strength arenas? Or, maybe you just want to feel better and get in the best shape of your life? Chopper’s Personal Trainers can get you there with a complete and rounded approach to all aspects of your fitness and nutrition regimen. With our No Sweat Intro consultation, you set the goals and we set the program to get you there.  Get started today by scheduling your No Sweat Intro here.

*Discounts are available for small group sessions and package purchase.

At Chopper CrossFit, technique is key. Our foundations program allows us to evaluate your movement, suggest any scaling options, and employ some powerful mobility tactics to make sure that you are being safe while learning how to move with us. This class is a 6 session course that is available by appointment and is highly recommended to anyone who is beginning or re-starting their fitness journey. Sessions will be scheduled in advance, outside of posted class times, and are usually around an hour long. Foundations pricing is $100 for all six sessions. Small groups can be accommodated so grab some friends and get started on your journey with Chopper!!!

Our Blackshirts athletic development is the PREMIER program to build high school athletes into dominant players on the court or field of play.  Football, volleyball, basketball, golf, cross-country, swimmers and track athletes WILL benefit from our summer program.  Blackshirts is our summer program that starts directly after school releases for the summer and goes until the week before fall practices start. Focusing on strength and power for the first half of the program, we use compound movements such as squats and deadlifts coupled with, gymnastics, body building and Olympic lifting to train power, strength and explosiveness. Some added benefits of the strength that is gained are injury resistance, durability, and increased balance, accuracy and agility. During the second half of Blackshirts, we start to focus on conditioning. This is to prepare them for practice and make the transition from summer to season easier and more beneficial to the team overall. All throughout the course, we develop skills in jumping, gymnastics, and plyometrics such as box jumps, handstands, pull-ups and burpees. We do all this AND we develop a serious team mentality. Plus, there is THE shirt. Athletes that complete 90% of the camp will receive a one of a kind shirt that they can wear with pride knowing that they have earned the respect that goes with it. So, if you are a high school athlete, or a parent of one, and want the best training you can get in the South Big Horn Basin, Blackshirts is the only way to go.

Nutritional Counseling
Exercise is only part of the equation in achieving your health and fitness goals. The food you put into your body will directly impact your success in the gym and in life. Input = Output.  Good input, good output. Bad input, bad output. We don’t subscribe to fad diets. We do recognize that there are many tools available for those looking to improve their health and wellness. Food is fuel, and it’s time to start fueling up with the stuff that makes you fire on all cylinders!! Schedule an appointment with Randall or Norma to talk about goals and ways to be successful in your eating habits.